Initial Announcement - July 9, 2019

This initiative started off as a dream for us all. In November of 2018 Malcolm Madke the CEO of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation had approached us after the community’s successful launch of our local Hospital new Helipad. We wanted to work together in 2019 to create an over the top driver to help generate revenue for “Project Sunrise” a new one Million dollar Mental Health Facility that is being built for our community and is so desperately needed. We are a deeply rooted hockey based community with an affinity and strong ties with the Edmonton Oilers and strong season ticket holder base. Through a very well developed business plan and help from our mayor Gerald Aalbers, we were able to start opening doors to the possibility of doing something special for our community. Fast forward through months of hard work, meetings, calls and a tons of meetings working through logistics. On July 9th 2019, we were able to do something special for us all. The “Boundary Battle of Alberta” was released to the public in all its glory, caught the community and us all by storm selling out in less than a day creating hype & a buzz that is still alive today in our community, So much so both organizations agreed to a second game on the same day. The community is coming together for such a great cause on September 28th 2019, we will make a difference for us all. “Project Sunrise”.

Update - October 1, 2019

25 thoughts on “Boundary Battle of Alberta”

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